Patient Testimonials

You are in excellent hands at Summit Endodontic Specialists.  Our patients are repeatedly amazed by the exceptional care they receive, and we are always looking for ways to improve.  All of our patients are asked to complete an anonymous survey and we are proud of the responses we receive. 

“Everyone was friendly, courteous, and caring.  Everyone was personable and very professional.” 

“Your exceptional personal care made, what for me is normally a very tense experience, almost enjoyable.” 

“I am very pleased with Dr. Wolf and staff.  Everyone contributed to an overall positive patient experience.”

“Excellent care and very professional.  It makes it so easy to return for treatment again.  Thank you!  Such a great team! ”

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Dr. Wolf’s office.  Everyone was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable.  I would recommend Dr. Wolf to everyone I know.” 

“It is very apparent that patient satisfaction is your goal and the entire staff exceeded my expectations.  Thanks to all!”

“Thank you for an enjoyable, (yes, I wrote “enjoyable”), and relaxing root canal.  I’ll recommend SES to anyone who asks.”

“This place is one in a million. T.L.C. and 5 stars are on every part of the experience.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this.. .but I almost look forward to my next root canal.”